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Datacom Engineer
  • (021) 25552888

Job Description:

Handle project delivery start from commissioning until ATP.

Handle customer communication, help customer to stabilize their network and manage their network and relationship.

Provide technical support and non-technical support during project implementation.

Provide technical and non-technical support during project early involvement.

Enhance technical skill and master all Datacom and access skill.

Provide good Design Network and implement able design for smooth project delivery.

Together with other product provide end to end delivery and design.

Job Requirement:
Fresh Graduate with GPA >= 3.2
English is must and Chinese is benefit
Know and clear about TCP/IP and OSI 7 layer; Have CCNA or HCNA is batter
Know and clear about TCP/IP and 7 OSI layer; Know and clear IP subnetting and IP calculation; Know and clear routing protocol and latest ICT technology
Interpersonal skill; Negotiation skill; Communication skill
Have deep knowledge about ICT especially for IP/Datacom Technology is a must.

before 30th January 2023