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We design and manufacture fiberglass piping systems for use across the Oil & Gas, Water, Industrial and Marine Industries. Enhancing our product range, we offer a number of customized solutions including system design and engineering services, project management, technical support,field supervision and training.



Potential Graduate position after completion of the program: Production Engineer

Function/ Department: Supply Chain & Operations

The Company is offering great business career opportunities in a global and international environment. We are looking for ambitious Graduate(s) supporting our business who is/are interested in a position in our program for Engineering & Non- engineering recent graduates.

Job Location: Balaraja, Tangerang | Deadline: 1 Agustus 2019

Job Description

This program is designed to broaden your global experience, business acumen, support function expertise and critical professional skills.

You will have the opportunity to gain experience:
1. Product Raw Materials
2. Health, Safety & Environment
3. FPI Products & Plant Equipments
4. Workshop Equipments & Maintenance
5. QA/ QC
6. Site Services & Installation
7. Support Function Department

During the year long program, you will have the opportunity to take on challenging projects and learn best practices and processes that will help you develop business-critical competencies and position you for success in your future career within FPI. One or more FPI leaders will serve as mentors to guide you along the way. You will be expected to perform at levels beyond your peers, at an accelerated phase of learning and development.

Education, Abilities and Competencies:
• Mobile and willing to relocate
• Solution-orientated with a client-focused mind set.
• You should have exceptional interpersonal skills, high team spirit, initiative and ability to work independently.
• A strong cultural awareness is required, as is the ability to work in a global team environment.
• Ability to develop action plans and schedules.

1. Integrity
2. Trust
3. Courage
4. Accountability
5. Agility


Fresh graduate : Bachelor of Engineering in Material, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial or Civil


Apply to

Before July 31st, 2019